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    Salus uniforms are a brand of medical apparel made available for customers. This business manufactures various kinds of uniforms such as laboratory coats, scrub sets, socks, shoes, trims and stripes, jackets, mock wraps, V-neck scrubs, coats, tees, etc. It is not limited to few customers, but provides wide choices of uniform in regular, petite, tall and plus sizes.  Salus UniformBecause Salus is a manufacturer, distributor costs are reduced for their patrons and prospect buyers.
    Salus uniforms are a choice for Medical students, trainees, Heath Care professionals, Day Care Center workers, and others in the Medical field who seek for uniforms online. Their official website is even a customer-friendly site that allows fast browsing with their ‘Advance Search Option’. Customer service is also made available for buyers and site visitors who have issues, concerns and inquiries. Upon orders, customers are guaranteed to have their purchase properly packed and shipped immediately.
    Salus uniforms also assist customers in determining their uniform sizes. Their online website has equipped ‘size chart’, which shows details and measurements for buyers’ guide. Salus Uniform Unisex Scrub Set
    The chart includes information for their unisex and women sizing. It also shows specific measurements for chest, waist, hip, inseam, and bust in various sizes. It offers details on sizes ranging from extra small to 3 times extra large. However, this chart is not accurate for all people. The chart provided in their official website presents only a guide to help buyers determine what size may fit to them. This is because Salus is online. Customers will not be able to wear their desired choice and check its fit.
    Salus uniforms present busy people with an attractive method of acquiring uniforms. Uncomplicated process and easy site browsing will make customers get what they need and want in no time. However, customers must not take advantage of seller policies. This is very important to ensure that the type of expected purchase is attained.
    For instance, when ordered scrubs do not fit right, returning it and asking for an exchange is allowed.Certain policies will permit return an exchange without additional fees required. Also, try to ask if discounts are available. This will lessen original price and even applied consumer tax. It is not bad to get free shipping fees or package discounts especially if the savings earned will be of great help from other expenses.
    Salus Uniform Printed Mock WrapLike any other clothing businesses found in local areas, malls, stores, and sites, Salus uniforms are an easy way to choose uniform in wide range of choices. A Medical representative does not need to limit his or herself from white uniform or plain scrubs.
    He or she can incorporate his or her personality according to his or her personality. More than that, patients and clients will be able to experience playful colors, which are sometimes lacking in white walled health care rooms and hospitals. Designed uniforms do not lessen the professionalism of Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, and other Health Care experts. Transforming uniform from plainly styled to print designed is just a way to go with society’s modernity. It is something that makes Medical field unrestricted to changes and trends.
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  • Does Salus Make Petite Scrubs?

    Does Salus Make Petite ScrubsHere’s a quick answer. Yes, Salus Uniforms makes petite scrubs.

    Since 2006, Salus Uniforms has been one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical uniforms. The company produces high-quality scrub tops, pants, socks, nursing shoes, and scrub hats that have appealed to many hospitals in the country. The main reason for this popularity is that the company’s products abide by the standards and requirements of the industry.

    Aside from that, the company’s uniforms can also be worn by people of all sizes. So whether you’re an extra-extra small or a triple large, Salus won’t let you down.

    What kinds of petite scrubs can you expect to find at Salus Uniforms?

    The company has been manufacturing scrubs that stick to the basics. But recently, a new line of printed scrubs has been released. These scrubs carry attractive designs that fall under two categories: kiddie prints and floral prints. If you want to spice up your outfit, you’ll find images of bears and flowers appealing. But if you’re the classic type, you can stick to the all-blue or all-khaki scrub.

    Does Salus Make Petite Scrubs Designed For Male & FemaleAll scrub tops carry the same design. They have two front pockets that are deep enough to secure your valuables and medical devices. As far as the fabric goes, the main components are cotton and polyester, materials that have been proven in the industry to provide the wearer with utmost comfort.

    And if you’re meticulous and care about the durability of the stitches, rest assured that these clothes are sewn by experienced professionals.

    As for the colors, you can choose from a variety that includes the following: true royal, red, white, blue, wine, and dark brown.

    Another good thing about Salus Uniforms is that their products are designed for both male and female. From the cuts to the stitches, these clothes are unisex.

    Aside from petite scrubs, Salus Uniforms also manufacturers and sells other items for the petite person. One of them is scrub pants. These pants have a design that is more inclined towards function and practical usage.

    For one, there are a lot of spacious pockets located on the sides and on the rear. Second, there is a drawstring on the waist to loosen or fasten the pants. Last, the fabric stays true to the 60-40 proportion of cotton and polyester.

    Does Salus Make Petite Scrubs PantsSalus Uniforms is a one-stop-shop, so if you want to add to your scrub pants and top purchases, choose from the company’s selection of tees, socks, nursing shoes, and scrub hats. If you’ve been wanting to own a pair of Crocs, Salus Uniforms has a pair of clog shoes that looks the same.

    The only difference is that these shoes are way cheaper. As for the nursing shoes, you can choose from among three designs: NS01 (slip-on style), NS02 (with shoelaces), and NS03 (loafer type).

    These shoes are made from premium leather and have the following features: lightweight, cushioned insole, and anti-slip sole. Unfortunately, these shoes are only for ladies and they come in only one color, which is off-white.

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